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Law enforcement pursues domestic violence complaints to protect victims of abuse. The criminal penalties for conviction are severe.

The Domestic Violence Prevention Act (DVPA) provides remedies in civil court for the issuance of restraining orders preventing the abuser from coming near the victim for up to three years. These restraining orders may also prohibit any type of contact, communication or harassment. A domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) may remove a party from his or her home and forbid all contact with the children. A person found guilty of domestic violence cannot purchase or own a firearm. In custody disputes, if the court finds that a party has committed acts of abuse during the previous five years, there is a presumption that joint legal or physical custody is contrary to the best interests of minor children. The issuance of a DVRO may affect employment and immigration proceedings.

Domestic violence matters require an attorney's full attention, as in some cases, it may be a matter of life or death. In these cases, it is important to know how to prepare the application with enough specificity so that the judge can make the right decision.

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